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Energy Saving Wall Foam Insulation Systems Offered in Derby

Providing a seamless airtight solution, WALLTITE is an insulating material that effectively retains heat in your property. There is no other wall insulation system available on the market better than WALLTITE, and it is a suitable choice if you are restoring a historic building. When sprayed onto the surface, it quickly transforms into a foam which ensures all the wall is covered. Based in Derby, Derbyshire, contact our team today to find out why WALLTITE is an advantageous choice for your property.

WALLTITE Insulation

Home Improvements Midlands installs WALLTITE® foam insulation system for internal walls, floors and roofs. WALLTITE is manufactured by BASF in Derbyshire, and the spray foam system provides a seamless airtight solution, which, unlike conventional insulation materials, is spray applied.

Benefits of Walltite Insulation

The advantages of WALLTITE Insulation are:

  • Energy Efficiency: Achieve Minimum U-Values

  • Thermal Conductivity as Low As 0.025 W/Mk

  • Air Tightness: Seamless Insulation with No Joints or Gaps

  • Sustainability: Protection for the Future

  • Design Freedom: One Product, Many Applications

  • Occupier Comfort: Creation of Comfortable Indoor Climate

  • Reliability: WALLTITE Is Only Installed by BASF Trained Professionals


BBA Certificate No. 11/4816.

WALLTITE® has undergone various performance tests. Certificates are available on request.

  • BBA

  • LABC

  • NBS Plus

Case Study

Grillagh Water House as featured on Chanel 4’s Grand Designs.

Grillagh Water house is a unique project: an amazingly beautiful design icon nestling in the rural Irish countryside and created out of reclaimed shipping containers. A project so unusual and dramatic that it was featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs.

The Challenge: Conscious of the rural setting, it was no surprise that part of Patrick’s ambition for the building was that it should achieve the highest possible levels of energy efficiency.

The architect needed to find an insulation material that could be applied directly to the entire surface area of the steel structure. An immediate concern was to eliminate the possibility of condensation forming between the insulation and the wall – particularly challenging because of the corrugated shape of the steel structure.

The solution: WALLTITE was applied to the entire interior surface of the walls. WALLTITE is a spray applied foam insulation system that provides a seamless airtight solution. Because it is sprayed in liquid form, which expands into foam on.

Specifier quotes: Described by Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud as both “paranormal goo” and “the right solution”, WALLTITE provided the only practical option. For owner and architect Patrick Bradley the conversion of the metal boxes into a living space started with the insulation.

WALLTITE was applied over all the walls and the ceiling and described by Patrick as “100% – or maybe slightly more for this application. It’s really worth installing the right insulation as it will save energy for the life of the building.”


WALLTITE Case Studies

On this WALLTITE case studies page, you will find information relating to recent projects to illustrate the many applications of WALLTITE the airtight foam insulation solution recommended by Home Improvements Midlands. If you require any further information about WALLTITE® please contact our team who will be happy to help you quickly and directly.


Airtight Insulation – WALLTITE

Spray application of WALLTITE insulating material from Home Improvements Midlands produces a seamless insulating layer with no joints or gaps and reduces energy loss due to thermal bridging.

Victorian Terrace Insulation

WALLTITE® spray foam insulation from BASF plc, has been used to form an airtight thermal efficient solution at the BRE’s Victorian Terrace retrofit project in Watford.

Victorian Terrace Insulation

Jaguar Land Rover Insulation

The problem: The refurbishment of a dated, leaky and poorly insulated building into a state of the art training centre under significant time constraints.

Grand Designs Shipping Container House

WALLTITE spray foam insulation has mastered the ultimate challenge – providing effective insulation to the walls and roof of a house built from shipping containers. And not just any house, but an amazingly beautiful design icon featured on TV’s Grand Designs.

Video Case Study - The Restoration Man – Chanel 4

Makers of the Chanel 4 series, the Restoration Man, featuring Architect and TV presenter George Clarke have been following a couple who have taken on the challenge of renovating and converting the former Hawksbridge Baptist Church into a 4-bedroomed modernised family home.

Contact our accredited WALLTITE installers in Derby, Derbyshire, to find out more about our wall foam installation systems.